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About how we empower our users!
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'INVIGO REHAB' gets its name from 'invigorate' and that is exactly what our company's mission is!

Invigo Rehab has been founded with the objective to invigorate people of determination by providing them the best possible rehabilitation solutions (prosthetics, orthotics), that is tailored to their individual needs.

Our approach is to provide the individual with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for a more positive outcome. 

Invigo Rehab is being built by a team of extremely dedicated professionals, who believe that their success lies in the success of their patients; by listening to what their patients need and committing to providing them quality services.


  • A flexible team that is ready to discuss all your options with you at your convenience

  • We work directly in collaboration with your local physicians, therapists, and nurses to understand the complete picture

  • Quick delivery of your devices and services

  • Guaranteed response time from our team

  • Licensed, experienced, and certified professionals

  • Free consultations

  • A wide array of options for you to choose from; both in pre-fabricated products as well as customized devices.

  • When required, we will provide you with a multi-disciplinary rehab team that will work with you to make your journey seamless

  • Pre and post-op consultations

  • Peer support

  • Invigo Rehab fabricates all prosthetic and orthotic devices in-house using stringent quality control

  • We provide affordable, durable as well as advanced prosthetic limbs that are available in the market, including computerized lower extremity prosthetic devices and myoelectric upper extremity prosthetic devices.

Please visit our Contact page or any of our social media handles at the bottom of the page to learn more about our rehabilitation program or to schedule a FREE consultation!

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