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Cosmetic restoration refers to the process of restoring the body cosmesis of patients who are missing some anatomical part of their body. Cosmetic prostheses are made from high-grade silicone with acrylic or silicone nails and hair, in different colour combinations to mimic the person's real skin tone and anatomy. Silicone prostheses protect sensitive tissues, improve function and help in restoring the person's confidence. 

Invigo Rehab works closely with the user to provide them with a customized solution that is appropriate, comfortable, and as near to normal appearance as possible.

Silicone does not cause any allergic reactions, making it easier for the patient to wear the prostheses frequently and for long periods. Silicone also looks more realistic and allows the prosthetist to replicate the finest anatomical details of the missing part as well as skin.

Different types of silicone prostheses that are available:

  • Partial fingers and toes

  • Partial hands and feet

  • Maxillofacial prostheses that include ears, nose, and eyes

  • Breast prostheses 

  • Silicone covers for prostheses (below elbow, knee and above the elbow, knee)

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