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Hand Ortheses - We Design Silversplints.


An orthosis or orthopedic brace is used to stabilize, control, limit, guide, correct or prevent the target body joint or segment on which it is applied, following principles of biomechanics. They are commonly prescribed during post-operative rehabilitation, to reduce pain, or promote the healing of bones, joints, muscles, or nerves.

Invigo Rehab has a team of skilled orthotists that utilize their training and expertise to provide you or your loved one with advanced and creative orthotic solutions to perform activities of daily living. We specialize in custom-designed and fitted orthotic options and pride ourselves on achieving positive outcomes in even the most challenging cases. Moreover, we also stock over-the-counter devices for a large number of disorders.

Our team works closely with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure each patient receives the most appropriate components in their orthotic device.


In addition, we can typically make same-day repairs to your orthosis, saving you time and discomfort.


Some of the most common devices we fabricate or stock include:

  • Upper limb orthoses 

  • Lower limb orthoses 

  • Spinal orthoses

Visit our gallery to view some of our featured work!

Contact us (0091-8800973649, 0091-9315414056) to learn more about our customized care or to schedule a FREE consultation.

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